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July 13th Litter- Dam: Resin Sire: Dentin; 5 Puppies Whelped


Dam: Resin

2 Males, 3 Females

Sire: Dentin


Sire: Dentin

2 Males, 3 Females

Sire: Dentin


2 Males, 3 Females

2 Males, 3 Females

2 Males, 3 Females

All Puppies have been reserved at this time.  

This litter of 5 was born on 7/13. All puppies were born healthy and without complications. They were each examined, tails were docked and dew claws removed by veterinarian on 7/16. They will be seen again at 6 weeks for vaccinations and deworming. Puppies will be available to take home in early September. Pickup dates can be arranged. Puppies can be chosen by the order in which deposits are received. Each puppy will have a colored collar to keep track of them as they grow over the next 8 weeks. With the purchase of each puppy; we guarantee you will be receiving a healthy Weimaraner who has been examined and cleared by our veterinarian.  This litter has been registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and each puppy can be fully registered with breeding rights. Litter number is SS130532. Paperwork will be provided at the time of pickup regarding registration with the AKC for each puppy.  Also provided will be a record of vaccinations and de-wormings and a bill of sale. We encourage each buyer to have their puppy examined within 72 hours of taking them home. Each buyer will also receive a full bag of puppy food to ensure a smooth transition into your home. This is an exciting time for each buyer and we will continually post new photos/videos to our website. We will also text photos of each puppy weekly to their future owner so you can track its growth. Its our goal to provide each buyer with a positive experience.  Owning a Weimaraner should not be taken lightly. As with any animal, time and money is required on behalf of its owner. With that being said, adding a Weimaraner to your family will change your life.  They are true loyal companions!  We are always available to help new owners with questions regarding their puppy.  

Price per Puppy: Call for Pricing




Yellow, Orange, and Red

Deposits of $500.00 collected via Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order or Personal Check. Final payment of remaining balance due at time of pickup.  Final payment collected via Cash, Cashier's Check or Money Order.  We will not ship puppies to their new owners.  We feel you should be able to pick them up in person, meet the Sire and Dam on site and of course meet us! Please email us via our "Contact Us" or call us at 317.441.6001 to reserve your puppy.    


 Video 1 of 3

Feeding time for both litters. All puppies are growing well. Eyes are opened and they love to explore. (Both litters)


Video 2 of 3


Outdoor exploration time! (Both litters)

Video 3 of 3 


Playtime for both litters at 3 weeks old! How cute? Very cute! (Both litters)

Their stripes are fading, but their eyes are opening! 

Resin nursing her healthy puppies.  They are all eating well and growing already.